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Edible Arrangements
February 01, 2016

Edible Arrangements, Olney, MD, Store #695, No Longer Certified Please be advised that effective immediately, Edible Arrangements, Store #695, of Olney, MD, has decided to discontinue Kosher certification at this location.

Baltimore: Dunkin Donuts
January 04, 2016

Dunkin Donuts stores, located at 1508 & 7000 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, are under the certification of Rabbi Sholom Salfer as cholov stam. For those who keep Cholov Yisroel, yet eat powdered milk, it is important to note that many of the doughnuts and other food items contain real milk. The milk (i.e., whole, 2% and skim) used in the coffee served at these two eateries is Cholov Yisroel (excluding cream or half and half.) Please see the full list posted at each of the two stores or by clicking here

Cosmopolitan Food Group No Longer Certified
December 30, 2015

Please be advised that Cosmopolitan Food Group and all its brands, including Palermo, Milas, Casa di Oliva, Zayit, and Original Gourmet, has been terminated due to Kashrus violations. Consumers are advised not to use any of these products, even when bearing a Star-K, with the exception of unflavored olive oils.

King's Fresh & Delicious Chipotle Queso Cashews
December 04, 2015

Please be advised that King's Fresh & Delicious Chipotle Queso Cashews, in 16 oz bags, manufactured by King Nut, bear an unauthorized Star-K Pareve symbol. The nuts are actually kosher dairy, non-cholov Yisroel. The product was sold in Marc’s supermarkets in the Cleveland Ohio area. The product is being recalled.

Star-D Kashrus Alert: Nature’s Eats Dairy Products
November 13, 2015

Please be advised that the following Star-D dairy products manufactured by Nature’s Eats of Boerne, Texas, and sold in H-E-B grocery stores in Texas, contain dairy non-cholov Yisroel ingredients when the allergen label statement indicates milk content. Various batches were inadvertently labeled with a Star-K symbol. Corrective action is being taken. - Dried Fruit Mixes - Nut Mixes - Chocolate Products - Pretzels

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