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Farbe Munchen de Mexico
January 23, 2017

A letter of certification issued to Farbe Munchen de Mexico, of Mexico City, ostensibly by STAR-K, is forged. The certificate lists colors and extracts under the brand name Farbe. STAR-K has never certified this company.
For more information contact or call 410-484-4110.

Lunch Buddies Diced Peaches
January 18, 2017

Please be aware that Lunch Buddies brand diced peaches in plastic cups, sold at Aldi's, bear an unauthorized STAR-K. This product contains grape juice of unknown origin and should not be used.
Corrective action is being taken.

Peppers from Israel
January 16, 2017

Please be aware that red, yellow and orange peppers, as well as other fruits and vegetables from Israel, are consistently being sold in the Baltimore area at produce markets in our neighborhood. From the numerous inquiries we have received, it is apparent that many consumers are unaware of this when shopping. Other examples of produce commonly from Israel are carrots, citrus fruits, persimmons, pomegranates, dates, dill and parsley.

The packages or labels state "Product of Israel." These vegetables require teruma and maaser to be taken. The procedure is listed on our website.

For more information contact or call 410-484-4110.

Accelerated Freeze Drying Co., Ltd.
December 29, 2016

Accelerated Freeze Drying Co., Ltd., of Bangalore, India, is no longer certified by Star-K due to Kashrus violations.
For more information contact or call 410-484-4110.

Warrior Whey Protein Powder
December 09, 2016

Warrior Whey Protein Powders in Vanilla and Chocolate, manufactured by Arizona Custom Blends Manufacturing, Tempe, Arizona, mistakenly bear a STAR-K D symbol.
The product is dairy, Cholov Stam and should bear the STAR-D symbol.
Corrective measures have been implemented.
For more information contact or call 410-484-4110.

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