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STAR-K is running TWO separate training programs in the summer of 2015. Please see details of both below and ensure you are applying for the correct program. For more information please call the STAR-K office at 410-484-4110 or email

July 13-16, 2015

The STAR-K’s widely acclaimed Kashrus Training Program has been held annually since 2003, at the STAR-K offices in Baltimore, Maryland. This intensive seminar is limited to 25 participants— rabbonim, certifying agency administrators, kollel members, and other community leaders serving in klei kodesh — who will be taken behind the scenes of a first class luxury hotel’s kosher kitchen, a slaughterhouse, and a manufacturing plant. Seminar participants will also benefit from lectures delivered by STAR-K administrators, audio-visual presentations, and a hands-on practicum to find the less obvious thrips and aphids hiding in a restaurant’s vegetables. Lectures include: a discussion of certification of factories from the US to China and in between, and challenges in administrating a Vaad Hakashrus.

Click here for application form.

Read about past Kashrus Training Programs:

July 20th-22nd, 2015

Want to become a Mashgiach Kashrus?

Are you a Mashgiach Kashrus and want more training?

The STAR-K will be offering a training course for people already involved or interested in becoming Mashgichim in the foodservice industry (e.g. restaurants and catering).
This course will deal in depth with all the various issues and skills a Mashgiach needs to know in order to work effectively in all types of settings – restaurants, catering halls, hotels, Shabbos, yom tov etc. It will be an extensive, formal training. We will also offer training and certification in bug checking.

The course will NOT cover Kashrus of factories, Pesach, etc. or other areas that the STAR-K Annual Kashrus seminar deals with.

The course will be held at the STAR-K offices in Baltimore July 20-22, 2015.

For a downloadable application form click here.

Advanced Halacha Webinar Series

STAR-K is committed to utilizing its resources for the education of Jewish communities worldwide. Our Advanced Halacha Webinar Series Project features STAR-K’s Rabbis and our Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, who has always been on the cutting edge of advanced technology and halacha. We will discuss various topics through an interactive presentation which allows participants from around the globe to experience a live workshop through the use of audio, video and pictures.

  • Eruvinar (This includes a set of two Eruvinars. Our Eruvinars are advanced discussions with Rabbi Moshe Heinemann on hilchos eruv, as they apply to the challenges of a city eruv. These webinars are meant for the eruv professional, and require an understanding of hilchos eruv and related Talmudic terminology. The Eruvinars are moderated by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg.

  • Mikvanar Rav Heinemann addressed questions that arise during mikvah construction and maintenance through an interactive presentation that allowed participants from around the globe to experience a live workshop through the use of audio, video and pictures. This webinar was moderated by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg and took place on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

  • Chicken Shayla Webinar Rav  Heinemann taught how to differentiate between a chicken’s perfectly normal imperfection  resulting from processing and an imperfection that presents a true shayla in need of being addressed by your Rav. The webinar took place on November 14, 2012.  Pictures and videos were used extensively in this presentation.

Watch recordings of our recent training webinars:

The Reviews are In: STAR-K’s Mashgicha Enrichment Program is a Big Hit
by Margie Pensak

The eighteen mashgichos who attended STAR-K’s Mashgicha Enrichment Program, November 2-3 in Baltimore, Maryland, had only one complaint—it wasn’t long enough. Although it lacked nothing in the way of organization or detailing of comprehensible and practical information, the women would have appreciated even more face time with the STAR-K experts. The experience of meeting fellow mashgichos from so many communities, being able to ask questions throughout the presentations, and the camaraderie felt by the program’s end, made it worth the trip!

Veteran mashgicha Alizah Hochstead travelled the farthest to attend the STAR-K program--all the way from Efrat, Israel. "For forty years, I have been active in various aspects of kashrus—as a secretary, teacher, and mashgicha, both in Eretz Yisroel and in the States," says Mrs. Hochstead. “The learning opportunities for women to keep up with the changes and advances in the kashrus industry are limited. Lists that kashrus organizations put out are wonderful, but a mashgicha needs more training than that ... The interaction with the rabbeim, in a course such as this, where you go into the details and discuss the changes in food science and in the industry, is very important. Kashrus is not what it was in the past."

Other STAR-K Mashgicha Kashrus Enrichment Program participants hailed from Baltimore and beyond — California, Washington, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Rabbi Meyer Kurcfeld, with his nearly thirty years of experience in kashrus, delivered the majority of the lectures and led a tour of Star-K’s kosher kitchen at the Hyatt Regency hotel, in addition to a meat and dairy restaurant. The women also benefitted from the hands-on opportunity to check fruits and vegetables, viewing STAR-K’s Chicken Kashrus Video Tutorial, and learning about STAR-K certified Sabbath Mode appliances from administrative assistant, Mrs. Rivka Leah Goldman.

As noted by Rabbi Zvi Goldberg, director of the Mashgicha Enrichment Program, “We were impressed with the caliber of the women who came. They were extremely motivated to learn more about kashrus. We stressed to them that based on Rav Moshe’s teshuva (Igros Moshe Y.D. 2:44), they are permitted to be mashgichos since they are working under the authority of a Rav Hamachshir. They are the most important link between their Rav Hamachshir and what is happening in their facility."

"It was absolutely worth the trip,"says Rebbetzin Doris Fine of Scranton, Pennsylvania. "I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on a practical and general level. The presentations were extremely organized and pleasant. It was inspiring to see other ladies who are taking their responsibility so seriously and with such integrity. These experienced women have the common goal of doing their jobs better. The STAR-K office and its warm, inviting manner is a true Kiddush Hashem."


STAR-K announces a unique opportunity for local Vaadim, Rabbis and Mashgichim, the world over. STAR-K’s monthly InterAgency TeleKosher Conference program will enable them to speak directly to kashrus experts from various agencies, in a non-political forum, posing their most pressing kashrus questions that are distinctive to their communities. To be apprised of the dates and times, please contact our office call 410.484.4110, ext. 219.

To listen to previous programs, please click on the links below.

Rabbi Zushe Blech discussing “Shomer Shabbos, Non-frum and Non-Jewish Proprietors.” (1/28/08)

Rabbi Yaakov Luban discussing “Zerizus and Burnout in Kashrus.” (2/26/08)

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann discussing various halachos of Pesach (3/24/08)

Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld discuss "Kosher Certication of Local Establishments" (4/29/2008)

Rabbi Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz of discuss fraud and deception of kosher products and establishments (7/01/2008)


Star-K’s Shidduch Incentive Program offers a cash gift of $2500 to those who successfully match its hometown Orthodox single women, by Chanukah, 2009. A local attempt at remedying the universal Orthodox singles problem in Baltimore, its widespread impact has become a motivating factor in matching single Orthodox women around the world.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2010, the STAR-K award will only be paid to shadchanim who have received a minimum shadchanus fee of $1500 paid by the choson and kallah or their families.

Click here to view full article.


Star-K’s Speakers Bureau presents selected topics on kashrus delivered by its administrative staff. Topics span the spectrum from the basics of keeping a kosher home, to its philosophical and spiritual significance, and its practical application. It also explores the technical world of kashrus, with behind the scene looks at the manufacturing and processing of several industries. For further information, click here or call Star-K, (410) 484-4110.


Star-K ’s National Kashrus Lecture Series features various topics delivered by Star-K administrators. Topics cover: Glatt Kosher Meat Today, Kosher Travel, The High Price of Kosher Foods, Caterers and Restaurants, Meat and Poultry, Kosher Liquors, Shabbos & Yom Tov Appliances, and the Kashrus of Medicines & Vitamins. Cassettes of these lectures are available through the Star-K office. For more information, click here or call Star-K,
(410) 484-4110.


Those who are clueless but curious about kosher, also have the opportunity to
access the only formal, online, interactive introductory classes about kosher on
the web. Star-K’s Virtual Kosher University will allow the kosher novice to
learn the basics from Star-K’s expert Kashrus Administrators—whether they live
in Calabasas, California, or Caracas, Venezuela! Regardless of one’s schedule, the
world of kosher is now open as never before, at one’s own pace, in the comfort
of one’s own home.

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