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Star-K Passover Directory & Medicine Guide

The Star-K Passover Directory & Medicine Guide 2014 is now available. Click here to read the Abridged Web Edition online. Click here to download a PDF copy.

Click here to download The No "P" Required Shopping List and Quick Pick Medicine List.

Attention! PC, Smartphone and Tablet Users Click here for directions to purchase the Medicine and Cosmetic Guide prepared by Rabbi Gershon Bess, Kollel Los Angeles as a digital APP!

Please click here for in depth Passover infomation.


Passover Products 2014

Passover Hotels click here or here.

Checking For Insects here.

2013 Webinars - Medications/Products/Seder Night/Kashering here.

Passover series: Matzah 1
Peas in a Pod
Dog Bowl
Nutrition Facts
Fruit 'n' Nuts
Seder Table
synagogue 2
Stopwatch 1

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