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Kosher meals are available upon request in all the hospitals listed below. However, patients are advised to use caution to ensure that: 1) the meals are under a reliable hashgacha, 2) the meals come sealed, and 3) milk products are not served at a meat meal and vice versa.

Greater Baltimore Medical Center
6701 North Charles Street
Towson, MD. 21204

Johns Hopkins
600 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Northwest Hospital Center
5401 Old Court Road
Randallstown, MD 21133

2401 West Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

Union Memorial Hospital
201 E. University Pkwy.
Baltimore, MD. 21218

University of Maryland Medical Center
22 S. Greene Street
Baltimore, MD. 21201

Information Courtesy of Eruv of Baltimore, Inc., Copyright © 2007

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