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Wolf Gas Cooktops

he following models may be used on the Jewish Sabbath or the Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) in accordance with the instructions below:

USA Models
 CG304P/S   CG304T/S   CG365P/S   CG365T/S 

International Models
 ICBCG152   ICBCG304   ICBCG365 

Please be aware that there are restrictions in the use of ovens and stoves on the Sabbath and Holidays. If you are unfamiliar with the laws of keeping food warm on the Sabbath or cooking on the Holidays, please call your Rabbi. Please note that when the Holiday and Sabbath coincide, the Sabbath laws prevail.

  1. On the Sabbath, a flame may not be initiated, adjusted or turned off.

  2. On the Sabbath, a "blech" should be used to cover the flame in addition to covering the controls. For the gas burners use a standard "blech". (Cover the knobs loosely with a separate piece of foil. Air intake under the knobs is required for gas burners.)

  3. Cabinets holding gas cooktops should be vented properly. This should minimize the possibility of the flame blowing out under the "blech" when drawers are closed. Even then, drawers and doors should be opened and closed slowly near the "blech".

  4. On the Holidays, an existing flame may be raised or lowered for cooking requirements. However, a flame may not be initiated or turned completely off.

    These models have a separate flame for Hi to Lo simmer levels and an outer flame for higher temperatures. The two flames will not burn simultaneously. Therefore, on Yom Tov the setting must either be left in the simmer or in the higher outer flame. The existing higher outer flame and the simmer flame may be raised or lowered for cooking requirements.
    Just remember not to switch between the two modes on YomTov.CAUTION - There is a clear (détente)"stop" preventing the transition from the standard flame to the simmer flame.  However, no such feedback exists to prevent inadvertent transition from simmer to the standard flame.  Use caution and practice before the holiday.

  5. During a power failure, gas cooktops will remain on.

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