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Liebherr Refrigerators

The following models of LIEBHERR REFRIGERATORS may be used on the Jewish Sabbath or the Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) when placed in the Holiday mode:

24" Fridge with bottom freezer
CS 1311

CS 1360

CS 1200

30" Fridge with bottom freezer
CS 1400 CS 1611 CS 1640 CS 1660  
36" French Door Fridge with 2x Bottom Drawer Freezer
CS 2062 HC 2062 HCS 2062 CBS 2062 HCB 2062
36" Door Fridge with 2x Bottom Drawer Freezer

CS 2060

CS 2061

HC 2060

HC 2061

HCB 2062

30" Door Fridge with 2x Bottom Drawer Freezer
HC 1540 HC 1541 HCB 1560

HCB 1561

24" Built-In Refrigerator

R 1410

RI 1410

RB 1420

24" Built-In Refrigerator with BioFresh

RB 1410

RBI 1410      
24" Built-In BioFresh with Bottom Freezer

BF 1061

BFI 1061      
24" Built-In Freezer
F 1051 FI 1051 F 1061    
24" Built-In 2-Zone Wine Cooler with Bottom Freezer
WF 1061 WFI 1061      
22" Wine Cooler

HWS 1800

  • The door can be opened/closed at any time without concern of directly turning on or off any lights, digital readouts, solenoids, fans, valves, compressor, icons, tones or alarms.

  • Any defrost cycle that becomes active will not be a function of the number of times or the length of time that the door is opened.

  • The ice maker is disabled automatically.

  • The cold water dispenser and all other dispenser functions are deactivated.

  • In the event of a power failure, when power returns, the unit will return to this mode.

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