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Dacor Combination Gas/Electric Cooktop

The following model may be used on the Jewish Sabbath or the Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) in accordance with the instructions below:

Dacor Combination Gas /Electric Cooktops

Please be aware that there are restrictions in the use of ovens and stoves on the Sabbath and Holidays. If you are unfamiliar with the laws of keeping food warm on the Sabbath or cooking on the Holidays, please call your Rabbi. Please note that when the Holiday and Sabbath coincide, the Sabbath laws prevail.

  1. On the Sabbath, a gas flame or electric heat may not be initiated, adjusted or turned off.

  2. On the Sabbath, a "blech" should be used to cover the flame in addition to covering the controls. For the gas burners use a standard "blech". The manufacturer does not recommend putting a "blech" on the glass surface for the electric burners. Instead, just the controls should be covered.

  3. Cabinets holding gas cooktops should be vented properly. This should minimize the possibility of the flame blowing out under the "blech" when drawers are closed. Even then, drawers and doors should be moved slowly near the "blech".

  4. On Yom Tov, an existing gas flame may be raised or lowered for cooking requirements. However, a gas flame may not be initiated or turned completely off. The electric part of the cooktop may not be turned on. However, for cooking requirements, once on, the temperature for the electric part of the cooktop may be raised when the ribbon heating element cycles to full glow. Lowering the temperature is permitted at any time if required for food preparation. (Practice adjustments on the electric cooktop before Yom Tov.)

  5. During a power failure, the gas part of the cooktop will remain on, whereas the electric part will recover to the set temperature when the power returns.

  6. The glass electric part of the cooktop cannot be kashered for Passover. For the rest of the year, be sure to wipe the cooking surface clean between meat and dairy use.

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