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Samsung Free Standing Ranges

The following models may be used on the Jewish Sabbath or the Jewish Holidays (Yom Tov) in accordance with the instructions below:

Samsung Free Standing Ranges
Radiant CookTop with Storage Drawers NE595R1AB NE594R0AB
NE595R0AB NE59J3420SB
NE59J3420SS NE59J3421SS
NE59J7630SB NE59J7630SS
NE59J7630SW NE59J7630SG
Radiant CookTop with Warming Drawers NE597R0AB NE59J7650WS
NE59J7651WS NE59J7750WS
NE59J7850WS NE59J7850WG
Induction CookTop with Storage Drawers** NE595N0PB **Cooktop NOT for Shabbos or Yom Tov use
Induction CookTop with Warming Drawers** NE599N1PB NE597N0PB
**Cooktop NOT for Shabbos or Yom Tov use

Note: If you bought the Radiant CookTop with Warming Drawers Model FE710DRS, please note that there is no temperature adjustment on Yom Tov for this model. If you wanted that feature, you may contact for a refund.

Samsung Slide-in Ranges
Radiant CookTop with Storage Drawers NE58F9500SS  
Radiant CookTop with Warming Drawers NE58F9710WSNE58H9950WS
Induction CookTop with Warming Drawers** NE58H9970WS **Cooktop NOT for Shabbos or Yom Tov use  


Please be aware that there are restrictions in the use of ovens and stoves on the Sabbath and Holidays. If you are unfamiliar with the laws of keeping food warm on the Sabbath or cooking on the Holidays, please call your Rabbi. Please note that when the Holiday and Sabbath coincide, the Sabbath laws prevail. See your owner's manual for instructions on operating the Sabbath mode. Before first use of a new oven be sure to wash the racks and interior of the oven thoroughly with warm water and soap to remove any coating oil.


1. On the Sabbath electric heat may not be initiated, adjusted or turned off.

2. On the Sabbath, a "blech" should be used to cover the flame in addition to covering the controls of the cooktop. However, the manufacturer does not recommend putting a "blech" on the glass electric cooktop surface. Instead, just the controls should be covered.

3. On the Holidays (Yom Tov), electric heat may not be initiated or turned completely off. For these glass top stoves, once on, the temperature may be raised when the ribbon heating element cycles to full glow. Lowering the temperature is permitted at any time if required for food preparation. (Practice adjustments on the electric cook tops before Yom Tov.)

4. After a power failure, these electric cook tops will recover to the set temperature when the power returns.

5. The glass electric cook tops cannot be kashered for Passover. For the rest of the year, be sure to wipe the cooking surface clean between meat and dairy use.

6. Induction cooktops cannot be used on Shabbos or Yom Tov because the burner will turn off as soon as the pot is removed.

OVENS: (HINT: - when pressing CLOCK and TIMER ON/OFF at the same time, to enter Sabbath mode, press CLOCK slightly ahead to avoid timer mode.)

1. The oven temperature may not be initiated, adjusted or turned off on the Sabbath.

2. On the Sabbath, in lieu of a "blech", the oven controls should be covered. (Be careful not to cover vent openings.)

3. All food should be placed in the oven before the Sabbath begins, since none may be placed in the oven during the Sabbath.

4. On the Sabbath, the oven door may only be opened once, all the food removed, and then closed. On the Holidays, the oven door may be opened/closed at any time as often as desired.

5. On the Holidays, the temperature may be adjusted (but not initiated or turned off) at any time by pressing BAKE -new temperature keypad numbers-START (because there is a delay between the request and implementation).

WARNING: When raising the temperature by more than 25 degrees, an oven fan comes on with the same delay as the heating elements. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR UNTIL THE FAN TURNS OFF. Once at the new temperature, the fan will not come on again.

6. These ovens have a timed bake feature in the Sabbath mode. This feature can only be initiated before the Sabbath/Holiday. Follow the timed bake instructions (in the "Timed Cooking" section) before step 4 of the Sabbath mode feature. Once timed bake goes off, the oven cannot be used again for that Sabbath/Holiday.

7. After recovery from a power failure, all these ovens will stay off. They will remain in the Sabbath mode, however, there will be no cooking capability.


1. When the oven is in Sabbath mode, the warming drawer can not be used .

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