Kosher University

The STAR-K Kosher University is comprised of innovative online Educational Programs which offer a unique opportunity for local Vaadim, Rabbis and Mashgichim, the world over.

Monthly TeleKosher Conferences

STAR-K’s monthly TeleKosher Conference program enables participants to speak directly to kashrus experts from various agencies, in a non-political forum, and pose their most pressing kashrus questions that are distinctive to their communities.

Webinar Series

STAR-K is committed to utilizing its resources for the education of Jewish communities worldwide. Our Advanced Halacha Webinar Series Project features STAR-K’s Rabbis and our Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, who has always been on the cutting edge of advanced technology and halacha. We discuss various topics through an interactive presentation which allows participants from around the globe to experience a live workshop through the use of audio, video and pictures. Previous programs included topics such as Mikvah, Eruv and Treifos in Chickens.

Virtual Kosher University

Those who are clueless but curious about Kosher, also have the opportunity to access the only formal, online, interactive introductory classes about Kosher on the web. STAR K’s Virtual Kosher University allows the Kosher novice to learn the basics from STAR-K’s expert Kashrus Administrators—whether they live in Calabasas, California, or Caracas, Venezuela! Regardless of one’s schedule, the world of Kosher is now open as never before, at one’s own pace, in the comfort of one’s own home.