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Keeping You Kurrent
March 2010

Consumer Alerts and Information

March 18, 2010

Wal-Mart's Great Value confectioner’s sugar

The confectioner’s sugar sold by Wal-Mart under their Great Value brand is mistakenly labeled as being kosher for Passover. The product, although certified kosher for year-round use by United Mehadrin, is NOT certified for Passover use.

March 22, 2010

Metamucil Wafers

Please note that information regarding Metamucil Wafers was listed incorrectly in the 2010 Passover Guide to Cosmetics and Medications published by Kollel Los Angeles and in the Star-K 2010 Passover Directory. The correct information is as follows: Metamucil Wafers are chometz and should not be consumed on Pesach. Please note that all Metamucil powders are chometz free as listed in the guide. Metamucil Coarse Milled Original Texture Unflavored contains no chometz and no kitniyos as indicated in the guide.

If possible, please post this in your shul or synagogue.

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