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Keeping You Kurrent
January 2009

Consumer Alerts and Information


Beginning Monday, January 5, 2009, the GREENSPUN BAGEL COMPANY will no longer be producing Yoshon bagels.  Any product that states “Yoshon” on the label was made before this date and is Yoshon.


Packages of the following Celestial Seasonings Teas - English Toffee & Decaf Vanilla Maple printed for Canada, with French writing on the package, were incorrectly labeled as pareve with the Star K hechsher.

The products are actually certified by the Scroll K and are dairy (cholov stam).

Please note, it has come to our attention that GOLAN brand MOSCATTO (2008), produced under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Oerbach during the shmittah year under the auspices of the Otzer Bais Din, was inadvertently sold at Kosher Bite in Baltimore, MD. This wine is vested with kedushas sheviis and must be handled with special sanctity.

See or more details about the proper handling of wines possessing kedushas sheviis.

In general, when purchasing from any vendor, consumers are urged to check all Israeli wine labels to ascertain whether they were produced during a shmittah year.

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