Online POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR SALE OF Chometz Form 5780/2020

This form has been deactivated.

If you are STAR-K Certified company contact your STAR-K Rabbi
If you are an individual and need to sell your chometz contact your rabbi or go to

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and required social distancing, STAR-K and Agudah of Baltimore are collaborating with Duvys Media to provide an Online Sale of Chometz for our community and companies through Rav Moshe Heinemann Shlit"a.

STAR-K and Agudah of Baltimore encourage every member of a shul to first consider the method arranged by their own Rabbi. Also, please continue your gifts of ma'os chittim and to your own rav/shul that customarily accompany authorization to sell chometz.

To Sell Chometz in your own community click here for Duvys Media National Online Mechiras Chometz Page
Please remember your customary Mechiras Chometz gift to your Rov/Shul this year as well.

To contribute to the national project for online mechiras chametz by Duvys Media, click here
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