Pet Food List 2020

The following is a list of pet foods approved for Passover 2020 when produced in the U.S. Products with identical names from foreign countries may have different formulations, thus compromising their Passover status. Since formulas are subject to change, make sure to check all labels. There should be no chometz listed. A product listing both meat and dairy ingredients may not be used any time during the year. (See “Feeding Your Pet: Barking Up the Right Tree” for more information.)

Blue Freedom Grain Free Indoor (canned)—Chicken for Kittens, Chicken for Cats, Fish, Flaked Chicken in Tasty Gravy, Chicken for Mature Cats
Evanger’s: When bearing cRc Passover approval.
Friskies (canned): Paté Chicken and Tuna Dinner, Paté Classic Seafood Entrée, Paté Turkey and Giblets, Paté Country Style Dinner, Paté Mariners Catch, Paté Salmon Dinner
Kirkland (Costco) (dry): Healthy Weight Indoor Adult, Maintenance Chicken & Rice, Natures Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato
Merrick Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet (canned): Real Chicken, Real Duck, Real Salmon, Real Turkey, Real Tuna
Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free (dry): Adult (Healthy Weight, Real Chicken and Sweet Potato), Healthy Senior, Healthy Kitten
Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free (canned): Chicken Casserole Morsels, Chicken Divan Morsels, Salmon Paté, Tuna Paté
Prescription Diet: a/d, d/d except duck, m/d canned only, r/d, s/d, t/d, z/d.
Wellness Core Grain-Free (dry): Adult , Indoor, Kitten, Original
Wellness Core Grain-Free Classic Paté (canned): Indoor, Kitten, Whitefish & Salmon & Herring

Fish food and vacation blocks often contain chometz. The following are acceptable: Zoo Med Laboratories Giant Plankton Banquet Block Feeder and Tetra Tropical Slow Release Feeders (Tetra Weekend 5 days, and Tetra Vacation 14 days). Goldfish and tropical fish can be given the following items, provided they do not contain fillers: Tubular worms, frozen brine shrimp, and freeze dried worms.

Alpo Chop House (canned): Filet Mignon and Bacon Flavors cooked in Savory Juices, Prime Rib Flavor cooked in Savory Juices, Roasted Chicken and Top Sirloin Flavors cooked in Savory Juices, T-Bone Steak and Ribeye Flavors cooked in Savory Juices
Blue Freedom Grain Free (canned): Chicken Recipe (Small Breed, Puppies), Grillers (Hearty Lamb, Hearty Chicken, Hearty Turkey)
Blue Wilderness Grain Free (canned): Duck & Chicken Grill, Salmon & Chicken Grill, Beef & Chicken Grill
Evangers: When bearing cRc Passover approval.
Kirkland (Costco) Natures’ Domain (dry): Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato, Turkey Meal and Sweet Potato
Mighty Dog: (canned no gravy): Chicken Egg & Bacon Country Platter,
Chicken & Smoked Bacon Combo, Hearty Beef Dinner, With Lamb and Rice.
Prescription Diet: a/d, d/d, h/d, s/d, u/d, r/d.
Wellness Core Grain Free (dry): Ocean, Original, Reduced Fat, Small Breed Original.
Wellness Core Grain Free (canned): Beef & Venison & Lamb, Puppy, Turkey & Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver, Whitefish & Salmon & Herring
Wellness Core Grain Free Ninety Five Percent (canned): Beef with Carrots, Chicken with Broccoli, Turkey with Spinach

(Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Macaws)
STAR-K would like to express appreciation to Dr. Aaron Weissberg, z”l for his contribution of the following guidelines.
Millet and sorghum as main diet.
Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and safflower seeds can be given.
Larger birds such as parrots can eat pure alfalfa pellets (make sure it is pure alfalfa since it is common to add grains) or dry dog food (see above for list).
Smaller birds can also have pure alfalfa pellets; crush before feeding.
Can supplement with cottage cheese, rice cakes (birds like to eat these), small pieces of lean meat, matzah, berries, eggs, canned baby fruits. All large food should be shredded before serving. These items should be given sparingly.
For minerals, can have oyster shells (calcium) or mineral block.
The greater the variety, the better.

Gecko: Repashy Crested Gecko Meal Replacement Powder

Best to feed pure alfalfa pellets. Make sure it is pure alfalfa since it is common to add grains. Dried alfalfa may also be given.
Can supplement with mixture of cut-up fruits and vegetables – carrots, broccoli, apples, melon, kale, parsley, oranges, celery, dry corn, sunflower seeds, cabbage. Can also give some matzah. If not accustomed to these items, give sparingly.
Guinea pigs especially will benefit from kale, parsley and oranges.
Hamsters especially will benefit from apples.
Guinea pigs need vitamin C added to diet.
Additional pet food information
Mixes sold in stores often contain chometz. It is advisable for pet owners to slowly wean their pets off their regular chometz pet food diet. This is accomplished by mixing regular and Pesach food between one and two weeks prior to Pesach before switching completely to Pesach food. The ratio of regular and Pesach food should be changed slowly to get the animal used to the new diet. Check with your veterinarian before changing diet.
Pure Timothy Hay is not chometz and may be used.

Pesach FAQs Regarding Pets

Q. Are “grain-free” pet foods acceptable?
A. There has been a proliferation of “grain-free” dog and cat foods on the market. While we still recommend checking the ingredient panel on those foods, they are a good place to start your search for an appropriate food.

Q. Is it necessary to buy a new food bowl for your pet for Pesach?
A. No. However, the bowl used year-round should be thoroughly cleaned before Pesach.

Q. If I am going away for Pesach, what should I do with my fish?
A. Vacation blocks often contain chometz. One can purchase a block without chometz or use an automatic fish feeder and fill it with non-chometz food.

Q. During a Pesach visit to the zoo, may one purchase the animal feed?
A. No. This feed is often chometz and should not be purchased or fed to the animals during Pesach.

Q. Must pet food with chometz be put away and sold before Pesach?
A. Yes.

Q. Can kitniyos, such as rice and beans, be fed to animals on Pesach?
A. Yes.

Q. What are some common chometz ingredients in pet food?
A. Wheat (cracked, flour, germ, gluten, ground, groats, middlings, starch), barley (cracked, flour), oats (flour, groats, hulled), pasta, rye, and brewer’s dried yeast. Any questionable ingredient should be reviewed by a competent rabbinic authority.

Q. What are some common ingredients which may be kitniyos but are permitted in pet food?
A. Beans, buckwheat, brewer’s rice, corn, grain sorghum (milo), millet, peanuts, peas, rice, sesame, soybeans, soy flour, and sunflower.

Q. Is pet food “with gravy” permitted?
A. Most often, gravy contains chometz. Read the ingredient panel carefully.

Q. Are the vitamins or minerals in pet food chometz?
A. They may be chometz, but are batel (nullified) due to the small amount added.