Kitniyos And Other Products Customarily Not Eaten on Pesach

NOTE: Products bearing STAR-K P on the label DO NOT contain Kitniyos or Kitniyos Shenishtanu (kitniyos that have been manufactured and transformed into a new product)


 Anise4 Dextrose (possibly chometz) Peanuts 2 and Peanut Oil
 Ascorbic Acid1,3 (possibly chometz) Emulsifiers 3 Peas 
 Aspartame1 Fennel 4,6 Poppy Seeds 2
 Beans (including Green Beans, Edamame, etc.) Fenugreek 2,6 Rice 5 and Rice Vinegar
 Bean Sprouts Flavors3 (possibly chometz) Sesame Seeds
 BHA (in corn oil)  Glucose3 (possibly chometz) Sodium Erythorbate1
 BHT (in corn oil) Guar Gum 3 Sodium Citrate1 (possibly chometz)
 Buckwheat (Kasha) Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (possibly chometz) Sorbitan 1
 Calcium Ascorbate1,3  (possibly chometz) Isolated Soy Protein Sorbitol 1
 Canola Oil (Rapeseed) Isomerized Syrup  Soy Beans and Soy Bean Oil
Caraway Seeds 2  Lecithin   Stabilizers 3
 Chickpeas Lentils Starch (possibly chometz)
 Citric Acid1,3  (possibly chometz) Maltodextrin1 (possibly chometz) String Beans 
 Confectioner’s Sugar  (possibly chometz, look for KFP symbol) Millet  Sunflower Seeds
 Coriander4 MSG3 (possibly chometz) Tofu 
 Corn and Corn Oil Mustard (flour, prepared seeds) Vegetable Oil 3
 Cumin4 NutraSweet1 Vitamin C 1,3(possibly chometz)

1. Kitniyos Shenishtanu
2. Should be avoided on Pesach.
3. Unless bearing a reliable Passover certification.
4. Only acceptable when the certifying agency has documented that all chometz issues have been resolved.
5. Those people who eat rice on Pesach should confirm their rice is Kosher L’Pesach and free of problematic additives. For more information, see
6. The bulbs, root, and greens of these items are not kitniyos; it is only the seeds we avoid.