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Kosher Travel in Israel and the USA
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Rabbi Zvi Goldberg and Rabbi Boruch Beyer hosted a panel that discussed tips for the kosher traveler when visiting Israel as well as the U.S. The panel consisted of Rabbi Moshe Farkash (Administrator, ZNT Kosher, Jerusalem) and Rabbi Sholom Tendler (Foodservice Administrator, STAR-K). Rabbi Farkash is intimately familiar with the kosher scene in Israel, and regularly advises tourists on navigating that scene, including restaurants and hotel breakfasts. His business card mentioned on the video is located here: and here: Rabbi Tendler is STAR-K's Baltimore administrator of caterers and restaurants and is a frequent traveler all over the U.S. He discussed managing kashrus on the road. He also provided general travel advice for these challenging times. (Jul 21, 2022)