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(STAR-K 在线申请表)

Company 公司
Name 姓名
Address 地址
City/State/Zip 市, 省, 邮编
Country 国家
Phone 电话
Fax 传真
Email 电子邮件
Website URL 公司网址
Company contact person and phone number 公司联系人和电话号码
Description of product 产品概述
Name of production facilities 工厂名称
Address of production facilities 工厂地址
Are other products produced in the same facility?
其他产品是否在同一工厂生产 Yes(是) No
If yes, are they produced on separate equipment?
如果是,他们是否由不同设备上生产? Yes
(是) No(不是)

Are you presently Kosher-certified?
您现在是否已经获得Kosher 认准?
Yes(是) No(不是)

If yes, by whom?
Under what brands or labels do you market your product?
贵公司产品在市场上行销的品牌或标志 ?

Enter the code shown in the image:


For assistance contact
All information is confidential.

You can print this application and mail it or fax it to the Star-K at:

Star-K Kosher Certification
122 Slade Ave.
Suite 300
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
FAX: 410-653-9294

传真: 86-21-6236-0339

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