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Other News From The STAR-K

Other News From The STAR-K

STAR-Ks Diverse Kashrus Administrative Staff Takes Kashrus on the Road by M. Pensak

The field of kashrus is diverse and multi-faceted.  These attributes are mirrored in the multi-talented, eclectic STAR-K Kashrus Administrators, who have taken kashrus on the road to audiences in Baltimore, Lakewood, North Miami Beach, Oak Park, and Toronto.
Rabbi Dovid Heber delivered shiurim on the molad, International Dateline, and the kashrus of medicines at Kollel Bnei Torah in Lakewood, NJ.   He also spoke to tenth graders from Lakewood, NJ’s Oros Bais Yaakov (about astronomy) and Edison, NJ’s Reenas Bais Yaakov (about “The Kosher Certification Process”).

In December, Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld participated in “The State of Kashrut Today: A Symposium”, presented by the Young Israel of Greater Miami and Congregration Shaaray Tefilah.  Rabbi Sholom Tendler took part in a kashrus symposium at Young Israel of Oak Park, Michigan.

In November, Rabbis Avraham Mushell, Moshe Schuchman, and Sholom Tendler presented “Behind the Kosher Kurtain” to fellow Baltimore community members.  In March, Rabbis Zvi Goldberg, Dovid Heber, Zvi Holland, and Avrohom Mushell participated in STAR-K’s three-part Pre-Pesach Prep Program, and shoppers’ questions were answered in a Seven Mile Market kiosk.  Rabbi Heber also lectured in Toronto on “Kosher for Passover:  Not What it Used to Be” at the Kashruth Council of Canada’s (COR’s) pre-Pesach community lecture.  In addition, he was a guest on Rabbi Yosef Wikler’s radio show on 97.5 FM, “Kashrus on the Air”, bringing Pesach preparations to the airwaves.

STAR-K’s Speakers Bureau topics span the spectrum from the basics of keeping a kosher home to its philosophical and spiritual significance, as well as its practical application.  It also explores the technical world of kashrus, with a look behind the scenes of manufacturing and processing in several industries.  For further information, visit or call STAR-K at (410) 484-4110.


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