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Definition of Kosher . Kosher 的定义

Kosher is a large set of Jewish dietary laws that have been strictly followed
for thousands of yeas. A  Rabbi is a Jewish leader who studies Jewish law
for many  years. A Rabbi must receive certification and a  license to practice,
similar to an  attorney. The Rabbis’ interpret the  Jewish food laws and
administer their  enforcement. These law determine which foods are acceptable
to the Jewish Law. The word Kosher is form the Hebrew (Hebrew is the Jewish
language) word meaning acceptable or proper. It refers to foods and food
ingredients that meet the dietary requirements of Jewish Law. The test of Kosher
and non-kosher depends on two points: the starting material of the products and
the; cleaning and maintenance of the production equipment. A common
misunderstanding is that food and food ingredients become Kosher with the special
words of a Rabbi (blessing ).This is not true. A kosher certification can only be
obtained by the inspection of the starting  materials and the equipment by a certified Rabbi.

犹太牧师是 多年从事犹太法律研究的前驱。

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