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With China’s economic development, and its becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Chinese companies are actively exporting your products to the United States, Europe and South American countries. Star-K is constantly receiving Kosher certification inquiries from Chinese companies due to the fact that food related buyers around the world require Kosher certification.

Over the past twenty-five years, the demand for kosher certified products has increased dramatically. Consumers currently spend in excess of $150 billion on kosher products, as compared to $250 million almost 25 years ago.

Star-K is one of the leading nonprofit Kosher Certification organizations in the world. Star-K provides its unique Kosher certification services to our Chinese clients. Star-K has its consulting liaison in China to help Chinese clients understand Kosher, and how to apply for Kosher Certification. It is now easy for our Chinese clients to contact Star-K in the Chinese language. Just pick up the phone or send a fax to our liaison contact in China, and we will send you the information you need for certification.

There are many Star-K certified Chinese companies in a wide range of industries from food ingredients to pharmaceuticals. They are quite satisfied with our service.

Star-K looks forward to working with you!

Rabbi Amos Benjamin
Phone: 86-21-6270-1387
Fax: 86-21-6236-0339

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目前为止,已有许多中国企业获得了Star-K Kosher 认证证书。从食品添加 剂到医药行业,Star-K无处不在。他们对Star-K的服务非常满意。Star-K 期待 着与您一起工作。

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