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Kosher Consumer Getting Certified Asia Pacific
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The STAR-K Asia Pacific offices, located in Shanghai, China and Perth, Australia , coordinated over 300 certified factories located in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. A staff headed by Rabbi Amos Benjamin  travels to factories throughout the Asia Pacific on a regular basis to establish and maintain Kosher certification programs at these plants .They also meet with plant personnel to explain the significance of the certification symbol.

由犹太牧师Amos Benjamin所带领的员工定期对该地区工厂进行认证、

The following is the most current list of STAR-K’ s certified companies
manufacturing in the Asia Pacific:


Last Updated: March 27, 2015

168 Exports Trading Co.
A&F Dehy Foods
A. R. Gherkins (P) Limited
A.A. Nutts
AAHA Impex Pvt. Ltd.
AB Mauri India Private Limited
AB Mauri India Pvt. Ltd.
ABA County Amazing Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd.
ABC Fruits
Absolute Aromatics Ltd.
Accelerated Freeze Drying Company Ltd
ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd.
ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd.
Adamjee Lukmanjee & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
Agro Solvent Products Pvt. Ltd.
Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt., Ltd.
Alchem International Limited
Alchem International Limited
Alkaloids Corporation
Alphonsa Cashew
Amazon Agro Exports
Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt Ltd
Amee Castor & Derivatives Ltd
Amino Life (Wuxi) Biotech Co., Ltd.
Amley Food Corporation
Angiang Fruit - Vegetables & Foodstuff Joint Stock Company (Antesco)
Angiang Plant Protection Joint Stock Company
Anhui Bayi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Anhui Dangshan Beijiafu Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Anhui Dangshan Xingda Canned Foods Co. Ltd., M6
Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Jiandefeng Foods Co., Ltd.
Anhui Jinbang Medicine Chemical Co. Ltd.
Anhui Redstar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Anhui Sealong Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Anhui Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd.
Anhui Sunsing Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Anhui Suzhou Science Food Stuff Co., Ltd.
Anil Limited
Anqing Hexing Chemical Co. Ltd.
Apis India Limited
Apollo Ingredients India Pvt Ltd
Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd.
Aromatic Ingredients (P) Ltd.
Arora Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.
Arpan Herbikem
Aseptic Fruit Products (I) Pvt Ltd
Asha Cellulose (India) Private Limited
Assorted Food Packers Pvt. Ltd.
ATMA International Corporation
AVS Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Ayush Herbs Pvt Ltd
B N Exports Private Limited
B-G Fruits and Nuts Manufacturing Corporation
Bafna Enterprises
Bagora Dehydrates
Baid Agro Products Pvt Ltd
Bajaj Healthcare Ltd.
BannerBio Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Baoji Fufeng Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
Bayir Extracts Pvt Ltd
Beijing FortuneStar S&T Development Co., Limited.
Beijing Gingko Group Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing LYS Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Beloorbayir Biotech Ltd.
Bergwerff Organic I Pvt Ltd.
Best Value Chem Pvt Ltd
Bestmaker Food Suqian Co., Ltd.
Bethanya Cashew Company
Bethsaida Cashew Company
Bharat Gluco Industries Pvt Ltd
Bheda Brothers
Bio Pharma Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Biofact India Enterprises
Biomax Life Sciences Limited
Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co., Ltd.
Blossom Showers Agro
Bohu County Hongrui Food Co., Ltd.
Brij Health Care
Bulk Liquid Solutions Pvt Ltd
Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd.
Camphor & Allied Products, Ltd.
Camphor & Allied Products, Ltd.
Cangzhou Sunheat Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Canton Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Cao County Futailong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Capital Rice Co., Ltd.
Capricorn Food Products India, Ltd.
Capricorn Food Products India, Ltd.
CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd
CBL Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Coconut Division
CCL Products (India) Limited
Celebes Agricultural Corporation
Celebes Coconut Corporation
Celebes Oil Mill Incorporated
Celebes Oil Mill, Incorporated
Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures Inc.
Chaitanya Biologicals Private Limited
Chandrani Food Processing Pvt. Ltd
Changle Jinhua Paper Products Co., Ltd.
ChangMao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited
Changshu Wanxing Chemical Co., Ltd.,Jiangsu Tohope Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Sunlight Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Xinhong Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industrial Technologies Inc.
Chemrez Technologies, Inc.
Chengdu Jianzhong Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Runde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Wagott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.
Chic Foods International (Anhui) Co., Ltd.
Chihon Biotechnology CO., Ltd.
China Meheco Corporation
China Meheco Corporation
China Tuhsu Flavours & Fragrances Imp. & Exp. Corp.
Churner Group
City Farm Interfood Co., Ltd.
Clean Science & Technology Pvt. Ltd.
CocoWater Limited
Cofco Tech Bioengineering (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Cultivator Natural Products
Cymbio Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
Daawat Foods Limited - Unit 3
Daawat Foods Limited - Unit 4
Dabur India Limited
Dafeng Hegno Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Daicel Nanning Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
Dalian HongRen Whole Grain Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Dalian JinYu Foods Co., Ltd.
Dalian Kuishi Food Co., Ltd.
Dalian Leasun Food Co., Ltd.
Dalian Yizhi Foods Co., Ltd.
Dangshan Iceman Foods Co., Ltd.
Dangshan Zhanwang Cannery
Danisco Sweeteners (Anyang) Co., Ltd
Davao Bay Coconut Oil Mills, Inc.
Day Spring Biotech Co., LTD
De Zhou Rui Kang Food, Co., Ltd.
Delta Beverage Corporation, Ltd (DBC)
Deqing Sunny Plastic Products Co, Ltd.
Dignity Products and Services, Inc.
Dongguan City Geen Food Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongtai Subcompany of Shanghai Dragon Aluminum Foil Products Co., Ltd.
Dongying First Biochem Industrial Co., Ltd.
Drytech Processes (I) Pvt. Ltd.
DYCBA Shanghai Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Dynemic Products, Ltd.
Eastern Condiments Private Limited
Ecochem Specialties Ltd
Edward Keller (Philippines), Inc.
Elmac Foods
Emeishan Longteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Empire Teas (Pvt) Ltd./Hyson Teas (Pvt.) Ltd.
Encee Aromatics Pvt Ltd
Enjayes Spices & Chemical Oils Limited
Enzo Chem Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Eoas Organics (PVT) Ltd.
Excel Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Family Tree Foods Co., Ltd.
FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Feicheng Tianhe Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Filipinas Organic Coconut Products Corp.
Fine Organics Industries Pvt Ltd
Flavor Full Foods, Inc.
Flora Natural Flavours and Extracts Pvt. Ltd.
Forever Chemical Co., Ltd.
Frigerio Conserva Allana Private Limited
Frigorifico Allana Private Limited
Fruits of Life, Inc.
Fujian Huamao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Fujian Pinghe Baofeng Foods Co.. Ltd. (Q32)
Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina Co., Ltd.
G. Amphray Laboratories
G.R.K and Company
G.S. Exports
Gaotai Jinkang Dehydrated Vegetable Co., Ltd.
General Commodities Private Limited
Gherkins Agro Exports (Indiana) Pvt Ltd
Global Calcium Pvt. Ltd.
Golden Time Chemical (Jiangsu) Co Ltd
Good Greens India Pvt., Ltd.
Green Chem
Greenline Biotech Co., Ltd.
Greenville Agro Corporation
Guangdong Eat Strong Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Pointer Foods Co., Ltd., R-6
Guangxi Guiguo Food Co. (S8), Ltd.
Guangxi Pingguo Fenghua Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Vector Biotech. Co., Ltd.
Guilin Aiming Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.
Guilin Risheng Foods Co., Ltd.
Guilin Sanbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Gujarat Agri Product Exports Co.
Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Gujarat Organics Ltd.
H Orient Foods Co., Ltd. Ningbo
Hacienda Macalauan, Inc.
Haewon Biotech, Inc.
Haiduong Agricultural & Foodstuffs Processing Import Export JSC
Haiyan Xiyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
HanCole Corporation
HanCole Corporation
Haneil Soyatech Pvt. Ltd.
Hangzhou Five Star Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Grascent Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Huadong Medicine Group Kangrun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Hangzhou Mingbao Food Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Tianhui Fine Chemical Co., LTD.
Hayath Foods
He-Ro Chemicals Limited
Healtang Biotech Co., Ltd.
Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd.
Hebei Chillies & Spice Corp.
Hebei Donghua Jian Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hebei Donghua Jiheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hebei Hongri Natural Pigment Co., Ltd.
Hebei Tianning Biotech Co., Ltd.
Hebei Xinhe Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Hebei Yuxing Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Henan Yixin Industry Co., Ltd.
Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink Co., Ltd.
Hepu Perfuming Garden Food Co. Ltd
Herba Bangkok S. L.
Herbal Creations
Herbal Supplements Pvt. Ltd.
Heze Guosheng Foods Co., Ltd. 3700/01229
Heze Ju Xin Yuan Food Co., Ltd.
Heze Sanqing Food Co., Ltd.
Hezhou Jiabao Foods Co., Ltd.
High Trans Corporation
Highland Dragon Enterprises
Hindustan Herbals Limited
Hindustan Polyamides & Fibres Ltd
HJS Condiments, Ltd.
Hopewell International Corp
Horaechem China (Anhui) Co., Ltd.
Huaian Wanbang Aromatic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd
HuaiBei Yuanye Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Huanggang Huayang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Huangshi Xinghua Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Huangyan No. 2 Canned Food Factory
Huayuan Hengyuan Plant Biochemistry Co., Ltd.
Hubei Fomdas Foods Co., Ltd. W42
Hubei Neostar Foods Incorporation
Hubei Xianlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Hubei Xinshiji Foods Co., Ltd.
Hubei Yuguo Gu Ye Co., Ltd.
Huixian City Hongtai Foodstuff Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hulunbeier Northeast Fufeng Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
Hunan Chic Foods Co., Ltd.
Hunan Dongting Citric Acid Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Hunan Jiusheng Foods Co., Ltd.
Hunan Kang Biotech Co., Ltd.
Hunan Pointer Foods Co., Ltd. P45
Huzhou Fanglu Commercial Tea Co., Ltd.
Huzhou Fresh Time Foods, Co., Ltd.
IC Chemical
Ilshin Chemical Company, Ltd.
Ind-Swift Laboratories, Ltd.
Indfrag Limited
India Agro Exports Pvt. Ltd.
India Food Exports
India Glycols Limited
Indian Herbs Specialities Pvt. Ltd.
Indian Tropical Agro Products (P) Ltd
Indira Food Pvt. Ltd.
Indo Herbal Extractions
Indo Phytochem Pharmaceuticals
Indo World Trading Corporation
Innovative Organics
ITC Limited
ITC Limited - Agri Business Division
J.L. Priestley Food Ingredients Yancheng Co., Ltd.
J.P.M. Pinto & Company Pvt Ltd
Jabs International Pvt Ltd
Jadli Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd.
Jasmine Concrete Exports Private Limited
Jaydev Chemical Industries
Jiande Xinanjiang Lv Fanda Food Co., Ltd.
Jiang Xi Ma Shan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Alphay Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Dahua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Dehe Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Fufeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Hongteng Food Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Huixiang Foods Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Shenhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Xinhanling Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Zhongji Lamination Materials Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Dexing Parchn Sodium Isovitamin C Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi East Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Huayu Aromatic Technology Inc.
Jiangxi Jinyuan Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Sanda King Dnarmsa Biological Engineer Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Sentai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Spice Chemical Industrial Co.
Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Jiangxi Yuanli Huaiyushan Active Carbon Co., Ltd.
Jiaxing Shengyuan Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. (Loc 1)
Jiaxing Shengyuan Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. (Loc 2)
Jilin Fuji Protein Co., Ltd.
Jilin Shulan Synthetic Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jinan Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jinan Hualing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jining Aoxing Stevia Products Co., Ltd.
Jinxiang Dacheng Food Co., Ltd.
Jiuquan Jinpu Vegetable Products Co. LTD
Jizhou City Huayang Chemical Co., Ltd.
JNJ OleoChemicals, Inc.
Jubilant Agri & Consumer Products, Ltd
Jubilant Life Sciences Limited
Jubilant Life Sciences, Ltd.
Jubilant Life Sciences, Ltd.
Jubilant Life Sciences, Ltd.
Jubilant Life Sciences, Ltd.
Jupiter Leys Pvt Ltd
K. Patel Phyto Extractions Pvt. Ltd.
K. V. Arochem Pvt. Ltd.
K.M.C. Inter Rice (2002) Co., Ltd.
Kailas Cashew Exports
Kaiyuan Dayou Biological Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kalpaka Chemicals Pvt., Ltd.
Kanaiya Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Kayem Food Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Ken Agritech Pvt., Ltd.
Kerala Nut Food Co
Keshav Associates
KF Nutri Foods International, Inc.
Khalista (Liuzhou) Chemical Industries Ltd.
Khyati Foods Private Limited
Kidswell Co., Ltd.
Kisalaya Herbals Limited
Koel Colours Pvt. Ltd.
Koeleman India Pvt. Ltd.
Konark Herbals & Health Care
Kosher Pickles
KPX Green Chemical Co., Ltd.
Krishnan Food Processors
Kriti Nutrients Limited
Kronox Lab Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
Kudos Chemie Limited
Kuiburi Fruit Canning Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Sainty Y.J.Y. Corp
Kunshan Sainty Y.J.Y. Corp Ltd
Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., Ltd.
Laiwu Taihe Biochemistry Co., Ltd.
Laohekou Huasong Technology Co., Ltd.
Lasenor Charbhuja Foods P. Ltd.
Lasons India Pvt. Ltd.
Laxmi Enterprises
Laxmi Enterprises
Laxmi Organic Industries Limited
Laxmi Organic Industries Limited
Leo Overseas
Lepro Herbals Private Limited
Lian Yungang Tianle Food Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Aikang Food Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Debang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Dongtai Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Hongrunfa Food Co., Ltd. (K12)
Lianyungang Shuren Kechuang Food Additive Co., Ltd.
Lianyungang Tongyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Limketkai Manufacturing Corp.
Linshu AD&FD Foods Co., Ltd.
Linyi City Kangfa Foodstuff Drinkable Co Ltd
Linyi Daming Food Co., Ltd.
Linyi Original Freeze-Dry Foods Co., Ltd.
Linyi Qiwei Canned Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Linyi Ruilin Foods Co., Ltd.
Linyi Shansong Biological Products Co., Ltd.
Lion Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Lipu Canned Foods Co., Ltd.
Little Bee Impex
Longkou Loveran Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Longkou Taihe Foodstuff Factory
Lontrue Co., Ltd.
Los Ricos Compania Corporation
Lotus Gums & Chemicals
Luisky (Shaanxi) Food Co. Ltd., J28 6100/01001
Luntai County Hualong Agriculture & Forestry Development Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Longding Aluminum Industries Co., Ltd.
Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd.
M.O. Philips Industries
M/s Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd.
M/s Himadri Foods Ltd
M/s Johnson Matthey Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.
M/s Polydrug Laboratories Pvt., Ltd.
M/s Sami Spices & Herbs Pvt., Ltd.
M/s Vista Organics Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Alliance Organics LLP
M/s. Avignon Exim Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Resonance Specialties Ltd.
Maha Agricultural Products Pvt. Ltd.
Maharashtra Aldehydes & Chemicals Ltd
Maidan Biology Group Co., Ltd. of Fujian
Mak & Williams Flexitank Supply Limited
Manko Natural Flavours & Extracts Pvt. Ltd.
Marnex (Xiamen) Corporation
Martin Bauer Plant Extracts (China) Co., Ltd.
Matrix Fine Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
Matsuura Yakugyo Co., Ltd.
Melaleuca China Wellness Products Co., Ltd.
MH2 Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Mika Food Shandong Co., Ltd.
Milestone Preservatives Pvt. Ltd.
Minh Dung Private Enterprise
Moraya Global Ltd.
Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt. Ltd.
Mother India Farms
Murtuza Foods Pvt Ltd
Nani Agro Foods (P) Ltd.
Nanjing University Of Chemical Technology
Nanning Chemical Group Co. Ltd.
Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nantong Chengxin Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
Nantong Feiyu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nantong QZU Bioscience & Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Narasu's Exports
Natsol Laboratories Private Limited
Natural Fruit Co., Ltd.
Natural Herb & Formulations
Natural Remedies Private Ltd.
Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd.
Nature Pulse Botanicals Pvt Limited
Nature Pure Supercritical Extracts Pvt., Ltd.
Nature's First India Pvt Ltd
NedSpice Processing India Pvt. Ltd.
Nedspice Processing Vietnam Ltd.
Neelam Phyto Extracts
Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
Neeru Enterprises
Neimenggu Fufeng Biotechnologies Co Ltd
New Bharat Rice Mills
New World (Fuzhou) Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.
Ngon Coffee Company Ltd
Ningbo Daxie Development Zone Haide Amino Acid Ind. Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Guoguang Chemical Additives Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Guosheng Foods, Co., Ltd. L-36, 3302/01007
Ningbo Haijing Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. (L-39)
Ningbo Hailong Cannedfoods Co., Ltd., L-18, 3302/01005
Ningbo Haishuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo HD Foods Co., Ltd.
Ningbo HEP Biotech Co., Ltd
Ningbo Kangde Foods Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Orient Jiuzhou Food Trade & Industry Co., Ltd. (L63)
Ningbo Pointer Canned Foods Co., Ltd., L-32
Ningbo Songxin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Sunny International Co. Ltd.
Ningbo Wanglong Technology Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhenhai Amino Acids Factory
Ningbo Zhenhai Haide Biochem Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhuzhiyun Food Co., Ltd.
Ningxia Dade Trading Co., Ltd.
Nisarg Biosciences (P) Ltd.
Nishant Export
NMK Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd
NMK Cocoland (Pvt) Ltd
Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
Nutraland Limited
Nutraland Limited
Nutraland Limited
Nutraland Ltd.
Oishi Foods Private Limited
Olam Agro India Limited
Olam Agro India Limited
Oleofats, Inc.
Olive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd
OM India Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.
Omkar Fine Organics Pvt. Ltd.
OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd.
Organic Products India
Orient Foods Industries Corporation
Paik Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Paladiya Corporation
Panjin Huacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Paprika Oleo's (India) Ltd.
Par Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Paramount Aromachem (P) Ltd.
Paramount Aromachem (P) Ltd.
Paras Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.
Paras Spices Private Limited
Pari Agro Exports
Parry Nutraceuticals,
Parry Phytoremedies Pvt., Ltd. (Thane)
Pasciolco Agri Ventures
Patson Preserved Vegetables Pvt. Ltd.
PD Navkar Bio-Chem Pvt Ltd
Perfect Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Perfect Vitamins Pvt. Ltd.
Phalada Agro Research Foundations Pvt Limited
Philippine Global Coconut Oil Mill, Inc.
Pilipinas Kao Incorporated
Pioneer Extracts Pvt., Ltd.
Piramal Enterprises Limited (Formerly known as Piramal Healthcare Limited)
Pizhou Xinyuan Biological Products Co., Ltd.
Plant Lipids Lanka (Pvt) Limited
Plant Lipids Limited
Posy Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.
Praj Industries Ltd.
Prakruti Products Pvt., Ltd.
Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt., Ltd.
Praveen Aroma Pvt. Ltd.
President Kikkoman Zhenji Foods Co., Ltd.
Pristine Organics Pvt Ltd
Privi Organics Limited
PT Bumi Sarimas Indonesia
PT Cheil Jedang Indonesia
PT Inhil Sarimas Kelapa
PT Surya Indoalgas
PT. Bentonit Alam Indonesia
PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri
PT. Indo Seaweed
PT. Neka Boga Perisa
PT. Tri Rahardja
Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam Ltd.
Pure Agro Exports Co.
Pure Circle Sdn Bhd
PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.
Qianguo Xian Qian Xin Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Qingdao BNP Bioscience Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Freeworld Foods Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Fuxinkang Food Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Qiangda Foods Co., Ltd.
Qufu Haigen Stevia Product Co., Ltd.
Qufu Shengren Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Ra'Pure Life Sciences, Ltd.
RAJ Foods International
Rasoya Proteins, Ltd.
Rosun Natural Products Pvt Ltd
Rosun Natural Products Pvt Ltd
Rosun Natural Products Pvt Ltd
Rosun Natural Products Pvt Ltd
Royal Castor Products, Ltd.
Royce Food Corporation
Rugao Changjiang Food Co., Ltd.
Ruibang Laboratories
S.A. Silva & Sons Lanka (PVT) Ltd.
S.A. Silva & Sons Lanka (PVT) Ltd.
S.F.C. Co., Ltd.
Safepac Corporation
Saikrupa Fruit Processing Pvt., Ltd.
Salutaris Technologies Pvt., Ltd.
Samde Aromatic Pvt Ltd
San-Ei Gen F.F. I. (Kunming), Co., Ltd.
Sanmark Corp.
Sanyuan Jinrui Natural Ingredients Co., Ltd
Sark Spice Products Pvt. Ltd.
Sarveshwar Organic Foods Ltd
Satnam Organics
Satvic Foods Pvt Ltd
Sava Private Limited, DBA Savesta Herbals
SC Global Coco Products
SC Global Coco Products, Inc.
SD BNI (CN) Co., Ltd.
SDBNI Co., Ltd.
See's International Food Mfg. Corp.
Shaanxi M.R. Natural Product Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Sea-ft. Natural Product Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Yuanbang Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Shaklee (China) Co., Ltd.
Shalimar Nutrients Pvt Ltd
Shandong Awa Biopharm Co., Ltd.
Shandong Champion Food Co., Ltd.
Shandong Dongsheng Eastsun Foods Co., Ltd.
Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co., Ltd.
Shandong Gaotang Lanshan Group Corporation
Shandong Haolijia Food Co.,LTD
Shandong Huaxian Stevia Co., Ltd.
Shandong Lixing Tin Food Co., Ltd.
Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group Co Ltd
Shandong Sinoglory Health Food Co., Ltd.
Shandong Taihe Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Shandong Wanlilai Food Co., Ltd.
Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Shandong Yuankang Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Shandong Yuxin Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Shandong Zhonghai Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Shandong Zhonglu Food Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Bestlink Ingredients
Shanghai Deko Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Essential Oils & Aromatics Imp. & Exp. Corp
Shanghai Haocheng Food Development Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Hegno Pharmaceuticals Holding Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Jutuo Plastics Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Luckystar Additives Co., Ltd.
Shanghai MingXu Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Rokem Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Spice Food Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Sunson Activated Carbon Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Takaokaya Food Co., Ltd.
Shankar Soya Concepts
Shanpar Industries Pvt Ltd
Shanxi JC Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Shaoxing King-Year Biochemical Co., Ltd
Shijiazhuang Donghua Jinlong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Donghuajian Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Jackchem Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Lida Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Zexing Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Chemical Corporation
Shinan 1004 Seaweed Co., Ltd.
Shine Star (Hubei) Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shre Devaraja Agro Aseptic Industries/Sri Devaraaja Agro Industries/Devraj
Shree Balaji Gums & Spice Stuff Pvt. Ltd.
Shyam Industries
Shyam Industries
Sichuan Mianzhu Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Neijiang Huixin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Sichuan Tongsheng Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Tongshida Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Sindbad (Private) Ltd.
Sinochem Ningbo Ltd
Sinochem Ningbo Ltd.
Sinochem Qingdao Co., Ltd
Sinochem Qingdao Co., Ltd.
Sinogel Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
SinoPaprika Co., Ltd.
Sinphar Tian-Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou)
Snap Snax Ventures, Inc.
Solvay Silica Korea Co., Ltd.
Song Yuan Yong Jiang Antifoam Co., Ltd.
Sonic Biochem Extractions, Ltd.
Sorsogon Foods Enterprises
Spice Tillers and Company
Spythe Global Enterprises
Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals
Sree Sannidhi Foods Private Limited
Sreelekshmi Cashew Company
SRI Kumaran Starch Industries
SRS Fruit n Spices (Pvt) Ltd
Standardcon Pvt. Ltd.
Star Hi Herbs Pvt., Ltd.
Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc.
Stepan Philippines, Inc.
Suboneyo Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.
Subul Agricultural Resources Corp.
Suguna Foods Limited
Suhans Chemical Pvt. Ltd.
Suminter India Organics Pvt Ltd
Sun Agro Exports Co.
Sungold Tropic Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd.
Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt Ltd
Suresh Exports
Suzhou Chempest Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Fushilai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Sanjian Nutrient & Health Products Co., Ltd.
Suzhou V. Pard Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Wenda Ingredients Co., Ltd.
Swani Corporation
Swani Spice Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Sweet Pacific Foodfarms Product
Taian Ruitai Cellulose Co., Ltd.
Taicang Xinyue Chemical Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Baolong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Takerng Pineapple Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tangshan Goldentang Food Co., Ltd.
Tangshan Zhenzhu Chestnut Foods Co., Ltd.
Tanhoy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tantuco Enterprises, Inc.
Tasty Nut Industries
Tata Chemicals Limited
TATA Coffee Ltd, Instant Coffee Division
TATA Coffee Ltd, Instant Coffee Division
Tengzhou Jitian Aroma Chemical Co., Ltd.
The Gwalior Forest Products, Ltd.
Tianjin Dacals Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Norland Biotech Co., Ltd
Tianjin Norland Biotech Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Yandu Chestnut Foods Co., Ltd.
Tianjin ZhongJin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Zhongrui Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD
Tianye Innovation Corporation
Tipco Foods Public Company Limited
Titan Industrial (Chang Shu) Foods Co., Ltd.
Tomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Toria Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Treelife Coco Sugar
Tropical Nutrition Co., Ltd.
Tropical Organic Harvest Phils. Corporation
Truchemic Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd
TSI (China) Co., Ltd.
Tulsi Amrit Pvt. Ltd.
Umalaxmi Organics Pvt Ltd
V & K Pineapple Canning Co., LTD.
V B Medicare Private Limited
V. R. Pusalkar
Varun Agro Processing Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Vayhan Coffee Ltd.
VDH Organics Pvt., Ltd.
Veerral Agro Tech
Vidya Herbs Pvt. Ltd.
Vignesh Agri Exports
Vigneshwar Exports
Virat Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Visakarega Trading Private Ltd.
Vishaal Natural Food Products (I) Pvt Ltd
VPL Chemicals Pvt., Ltd.
VRD Best Foods Pvt., Ltd.
Wealthy Chemical Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Weifang Hanxing Chloropyll Co., Ltd.
Weifang Maruwa Foods Co., Ltd.
Weifang Medallion Foods Co.
Weinan Auway Food Co., Ltd.
Weishan Ciway Food Co., Ltd.
Wenda Co., Ltd
West Food Company
White Deer Flavor (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
WR Grace Specialty Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
WSSF Corporation (Jinan)
Wuhan Amino Acid Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Grand Hoyo Co., Ltd
Wuhan Green Food Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Youji Industries Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Zonechem Natural Products Co Ltd
Wuhan Zonechem Natural Products Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Zonechem Natural Products Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Jinghai Amino Acid Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Season Oil Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Xinda Rosin & Ester System Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Golden Life Food Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Jinrui Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Top Health Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Xiangshan Huayu Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Xinfa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Xinhua City Xinyida Perfume Co., Ltd.
Xinjiang A.C.S.T. Food Company, Ltd.
Xinjiang Chalkis Tomato Products Co., Ltd
Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.
XinJiang Gold Stone Vegetable & Fruits Co. Ltd.
Xinjiang Hongjing Muslim Food Co., Ltd.
Xintai Jiahe Biotech Co., Ltd.
Xuzhou Hongda Food Co., Ltd.
Xuzhou Hygieia Bioproducts Co., Ltd.
Xuzhou Junpuku Foods Co., Ltd.
Xuzhou Ningxing Food Co., Ltd.
Yancheng Dadi Foods Co., Ltd.
Yantai Donghai Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.
Yantai Eversun Food Co., LTD.
Yantai Meijia Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
Yantai Oriental Protein Tech Co., Ltd.
Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd.
Yasho Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Yeou Fa Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yichang City Refine Bio-Chem Co., Ltd.
Yichang Jiayuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Yichang Sanxia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Yichun Dahaigui Life Science Co., Ltd.
Yongji Pointer Food Co., Ltd.
Yongsan Chemicals, Inc.
Yumeshoji Trading Corporation
Zantye Cashew Industries
Zhangjiagang Shuguang Biochemical Factory
Zhanjiang Huamei Food Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Perfumery Co., Ltd. Guangdong
Zhaoyuan Sanjia Vermicelli and Protein Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Bossen Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Fomdas Foods Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Haining Fengming Chlorophyll Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory
Zhejiang Minghuang Natural Products Development Co., Ltd
Zhejiang ShanShan Tea Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Tianyi Food Additives Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yumberry Juice Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Ruipu Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Tuoyang Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Tuoyang Industrial Co. Ltd.
Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Zhenjiang Maoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
Zhijiang Longhua Food Co., Ltd.
Zibo Haolong Biotech Co. Ltd.
Zibo Zhongshi Green Biotech Co., Ltd.

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