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How do I obtain Kosher Certification

Step1  Complete Application 第一步:填写申请表
The information you put in the application provides us with a profile of your
company, the starting ingredients used, and your products. Please be assured that all
the information you provide us will be held in strict confidence. This is strictly
agreed in  the contract between the Star-K and your company. Our reputation over the
past 50 years has been built on your confidentiality with our customers’ processes and
ingredients. We would be happy to sigh a non-disclosure agreement.

贵公司申请表中的信息 能让我们了解到贵公司及产品的大致情况,譬如所

  • Your application will be reviewed in order to determine the feasibility of your company’s products being certified kosher.
  • You will then be assigned a Kosher Administrator who will be your connection with the STAR-K and will assist you in the certification process. Our staff will assist you with every step of the certification  process. The correspondence can be handled in Chinese or English. Any question you have can be answered in Chinese.
  • You will receive an estimate of all costs associated with kosher supervision.
  • 我们将对您的申请进行评估以确定贵司产品的可行性。
  • 然后,我们会指派一名STAR-执行人员与您联系,
  • 你将收到对此次Kosher认证的费用报价。

Unlike other certification agencies, the STAR-K charges no application fees for the
initial review which enables us to determine whether you are likely to meet STAR-K
standards for kosher certification.

The STAR-K offers a  no-obligation feasibility study at no charge. The feasibility
study includes:

  • Applicant submits a application to request kosher certification.
  • STAR-K contacts applicant to begin the review process.
  • Applicant provides a list of required information.
  • STAR-K reviews data and estimates fees.


  • 申请人提交申请书
  • STAR-K与申请人联系并开始评估程序
  • 申请人提供所需的资料
  • STAR-K对资料进行评估并估计费用

Step 2 Initial Inspection 第二步: 初审

Kosher certification requires review of a) all ingredients used in the plant b) plant Equipment   c) manufacturing process
a)工厂所用的所有原配料   b)工厂设备    c)生产过程 

Over the past 50 years, the STAR-K has built its business reputation on
Confidentiality with our customer’s processes and ingredients. We would  be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
在过去的50年里,STAR-K 拥有良好的商业信誉,保证对其生产过程和原材料

Step 3 : Contact 第三步:合同 After a detailed evaluation of the ingredients, equipment and products,the STAR-K will submit a proposed contact outlining the terms of certification for your approval. 在经过对原料,设备和产品的详细评估后,STAR-K将与贵司签订一份协议。 其中概要了所有的认证条款。

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