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Frequently Asked Questions  常见问题

1)Will STAR-K guarantee sales increases with certification? STAR-K认证能够保证销售的增长吗?

No, we cannot guarantee a sales increase. We are not marketing the product being certified.
However, many distributors in the USA and Europe look for products that are Kosher certified.
Having certification can therefore enhance marketability of your products.

不能,Star-K 法保证您的产品销量一定会有增长。我们并不对通过认证的产品进行任何推销活动。

2)Will the STAR-K introduce new customers? STAR-K会介绍新的客户吗?

Star-K does not actively promote products. Our job is to certify that products are Kosher.
Often a manufacturer or distributor will call to ask if we know of a supplier for a product
that is Kosher. We give precedence to Star-K certified products when marketing our recommendations.

并且会优先推荐通过 Star-K 认证的企业。

3) May I refuse to disclose production processes or ingredients to Star-K?

Star-K certifies many companies with whom we have proprietary agreements not to
disclose any information. We are prepared to enter into such agreements with our
customers. As a certification organization, we cannot verify a product is Kosher
unless we have full disclosure as to what goes into the product. Often we do not
require knowledge of percentages or of exact nuances in manufacturer  detail, but this
may depend on what else is being produced at the factory. etc.


4) We do not need the certificate ourselves because our foreign clients usually send a
 Rabbi to certify our products at least once a year.


If your client sends a Rabbi to certify your product in their name, this may help you to
 sell your products to other potential customers. You can only sell your products
 certified Kosher to this client. You cannot sell your products to other clients as
 Kosher certified .Often we have gone into a factory on behalf of a distributor and had
the factory request its own certification in order to broaden its marketability.


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