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It is natural that you may have concerns about sharing with STAR-K your secret processes, which may include your staring materials and confidential procedures regarding products produced at your factory. We have prepared this page to assure you  of the  strict confidence with which STAR-K will treat this material and our non- disclosure policy which is our guarantee to you that we will not divulge this information.

可以理解,许多公司会对向Star-K透露其机密生产工艺及配方有所顾虑。我 们希望下面的文字会使您对Star-K信息的严格保密措施有所放心。 我们的保密政策对于您和您的公司来说是一种保障。

The STAR-K ’s reputation for integrity and the willingness of hundreds of chemical ,pharmaceutical, and flavor companies to allow us access to This information should further reassure you that we will not violate your trust. Please be assured that all of the information you provide us with will be held in strict confidence. In fact ,our promise of confidentiality is clearly stated in all of our certification agreements.

Star-K拥有卓越的声誉:数百家化学、制药以及调味品生产企业都同意向我们 提供这方面的专业信息,而我们则保证了这些信息的完整性,您可以完全信任 我们。您提供给我们的所有信息都将被严格保密。 事实上,我们在所有的认证协议中都作了明确的保密承诺。

STAR-K requires disclosure of some proprietary information because the kosher certification process insists that we  have personal knowledge of all ingredients and of all equipment used in your plant. However, most of the time we may not require actual  percentages of the individual components used in any given formula.

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