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Keeping You Kurrent
September 2004
K’sivah V’chasima Tova

Star-K Yoshon/Pas Yisroel Update

Star-K Yoshon Products/Retail Establishments

Star-K Pas Yisroel Products/Retail Establishments in Baltimore, MD

Brasserie - upon request
Cafe 921 - upon request
Catering by Weiss - upon request
Catering by Yaffa - upon request
David Chu's China Bistro - upon request
Ester Catering - upon request
Goldberg’s Bagels
Goldman’s Bakery
Grandma Taylor- mandelbread
Kosher Bite/KB Szechuan - upon request
Mama Leah’s Gourmet Pizza
Milk and Honey Bistro - upon request
O’Fishel Caterers - Challah and rolls. Other items upon request.
Orly Catering - upon request
Pariser’s Bakery
Platter Palace
Rosendorff's Challah
Royal Restaurant - upon request
Schmell & Azman’s Bakery
Seven Mile Market Bakery
Shindler’s Breaded Fish
Sion's Bakery

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